Masked Rider Ryuki 4



That Shinji sure is one obstinate cuss ain’t he?

Sorry for the delay, was working on another series I plan to scrub but to make up for it I’ll put that off for a bit and do more Ryuki.

Oh and my thoughts on working on this episode, takenoko is really, really wordy.  Had to knuckle down and think a lot of scenes through about how best to word them since I’m trying to do my best to make Shinji come off as I feel he was intended to come off.  Also to make Ren cool.

edit: script reupped to fix some pretty fucking embarrassing grammar error on my part.  Eh, just remux it to the video.

edit2: fixing for real now

~ by ryuganon on July 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Masked Rider Ryuki 4”

  1. Thanks a bunch for the episode, but you had a few slip ups on QC (I counted 3) they were minor things but still I had to go back to understand the meaning of the phrase.

  2. Give me some examples? I appreciate feedback.

  3. Sure thing, this was the only one I screencapped:
    (0:15:57.79 – 0:15:59.71)

    And the other ones I checked the script and found them:
    0:07:37.50 – 0:07:41.42: Of course, there’s be no way you’d solve it that easily.
    0:10:50.98 – 0:10:54.49: From where I’m standing, you’re the one who’d less reliable.

    And I’m not sure if there are any more but anyway I’m just nitpicking here and these are small things that would only bug an aspie like myself, but whatever.

  4. This is why I need more sleep. Updating script. Thanks.

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