Masked Rider Ryuki 1

We're certainly off to a bang.


Need to give a big ol’ thanks to KouAidou* for basically holding my hand through this episode, and to Lynxara for helping with some of the wording.

Going with Masked over Kamen because, why the hell not?  Though I have no real problem with the use of Kamen.

I have Reiko refer to Shinji as ‘Kidou’ since I get the feeling she’s annoyed by him and calling some guy by his last name seems like a cold enough thing she’d do.  Also used ‘Ms. Reiko’ for ‘Reiko-San’ because well, Shinji is polite to people higher up than him.

And yeah I know 640×360, if you have anything better help a guy out.


edit: Script replaced with revised lyrics for the opening.

edit2: fuck it, link replaced

~ by ryuganon on July 5, 2011.

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